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Use this page to find out basic technical information about your science course. It includes some handouts you've been given in class, as well as links to what the State of California expects you to learn.


A syllabus tells you what to expect from the course you have signed up to take--in other words, the basic stuff. It lists the supplies you need (like the textbook) and explains how the course will be graded. So, this is the syllabus for my science class. It should match the one you were given at the start of the semester.

(download syllabus)


The State of California has listed what each student should learn, in each subject, at each grade level. In other words, this is a list of the stuff your teachers are trying to help you to understand. Clicking on the logo above will take you to a page that will give you access to all of the information (called "standards") for each subject you are taking now. For science, however, I have provided a shortcut link in this summary. Click on the following text for the science standards. Note that these are the new standards (NGSS: Next Generation Science Standards) that emphasize reasoning skills and thought processes, just like the Common Core standards for other subjects.



Harden Middle School

Of course you know where you are taking this class. At least, I certainly hope so. However, you can always learn more things about your school. Go here to find out important facts about Harden.


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