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How earthquakes happen (BBC)


This site has a constantly updated map of California that shows you where earthquakes happened recently, how long ago the shaking was, and how strong the earthquake was. It even has a spot for you to type in what you felt during an earthquake in your area. It is updated within 5 minutes of a quake happening. A very handy site to use to keep informed. You can also see a forecast of any possible earthquakes in the next 24 hours here.


This is a really impressive site because it allows you to choose the sort of data you want to investigate about a particular earthquake. You can go to a list of recent quakes and produce a map that lets you add items like plate names and nearby volcanoes to the location map. You may need to download a small plug-in to make some of it work.

Smithsonian Magazine article: Color Photographs of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

Smithsonian Magazine article: The Great Japan Earthquake of 1923

Smithsonian Magazine article: The Great Midwest Earthquake of 1811


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