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The sites below have information that can help you with your math homework.

print graph paper (19x25 squares)


The Logarithmic Scale

What it is, how to use it, why it's important.




A nifty little chart that gives numerical value to prefixes that are used a lot. How much is a mega-something? Find out here.


This site has a lot of simple to follow math lessons, arranged by topic! These pages have very helpful diagrams and examples to make understanding the topic really easy. There is also a page of links to other math sites. Additionally, the site contains a section on how to do your math homework in ways that will make sense to the teacher (how to lay out your problems, use the correct symbols, etc.) Finally, there is a quiz that helps you to figure out what kind of math student you are.

Scientific Notation

Helps you to make sense of those little numbers that describe big numbers. Got that?


Counting in different languages

Click on a certain spot on a map, get the names of the numbers. No pronunciation guide, but interesting nonetheless (over 4000 languages represented.)


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