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100 Most Often Mispronounced Words and Phrases in English


Includes a dictionary, an interesting word of the day, and a plethora of word games. Don't know what plethora means? Look it up!


At this site, you will find a dictionary. Duh.



Afraid of something? You can find the official name of your fear here. (Afraid of stinky people? You have Autodysomophobia!)

The Phrase Finder

Go here to figure out the origin of different phrases. For example, you can find out why saying, "Go boil your head" is an insult.


This is a fascinating and humorous living dictionary. People from around the world make up words and definitions, then post them here.


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Type in a word, phrase, or sentence, choose a language, and click the button. Just remember that having a person do this for you instead of a computer program increases the chances of it being done right!


Ever wanted to know how a particular word or phrase started? Begin your quest here, in the index of this site. For instance, if you are thinking of calling someone a blatherskite, check here to make sure you are using the word under the correct circumstances.


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