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Conversion Calculator

Type in a measurement, and this site will figure out what that measurement is in other measuring systems (like how tall you are in meters, or in light years!).

Conversion Chart

A very loooooooong chart to scroll through. It tells you the multiplication factor needed to go from one kind of measurement to another. Too lazy to scroll down it? Try the web site below.

Conversion Tables

This site is helpful for finding conversion factors. For example, how many inches are in a kilometer? Pull-down selection menus make this especially easy to use.

How Big is a ... ?

A nifty little interactive page that shows you the size of different things that can fit on a pinhead. Includes dust mites and the Ebola virus!


The precise, official, technical definitions of the base SI units are found here. A little on the detailed side, but interesting nonetheless. Also provides links to the history of each SI unit.


Secret Worlds: The Universe Within

Ride along as you zoom from the outer limits of the universe towards Earth, down to cells, and finally to itsy bitsy thingies [not a technical term!] called quarks [yes, "quarks" is a real word!].



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