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This page is just like the "Handouts" drawers in the file cabinets in the classroom, as it is arranged alphabetically. The only difference is that you won't whack someone in the head with it while you look for your missing assignment.

Fall Semester 2018

Adaptations Crossword

Air Jaws Observations

Algal Habitats

Animal Characteristics Crossword

Asexual Plant Reproduction Diagrams

Asking About Life

Atom & Molecule Relationships

Being Alive

Biscuit Bullet

Brainpop - Asexual Reproduction Notes

Brainpop - Asexual Reproduction Storyboard

Brainpop - Bacteria

Brainpop - Camouflage

Brainpop - Carbon Cycle

Brainpop - Cell Specialization

Brainpop - Cells

Brainpop - Cellular Respiration

Brainpop - Chemical Equations

Brainpop - Conservation of Mass

Brainpop - Coral

Brainpop - Land Biomes

Brainpop - Matter Changing States

Brainpop - Metabolism

Brainpop - Metric vs. Customary

Brainpop - Photosynthesis

Brainpop - Plant Growth

Brainpop - Pollination

Brainpop - Protists

Brainpop - Scientific Method

Brainpop - States of Matter

Brainpop Challenge - Atoms

Camouflage Experiment Design

Camouflage in Fish

Carbon Cycle Diagram

Cell Energy

Cell Theory

Cell Theory Puzzle

Characteristics of Living Things

Comparing Mammal Forelimbs

Comparing Plant and Animal Cells

Containers for States of Matter

Darwin's Finches

Deep Sea Worm Collection Lab

Drawing Movement of Energy

Energy Cycle in Living Things

Exploring Life Science Puzzle

Flower Anatomy


Goldfish Memory

Heart and Lungs Crossword

How Big Is the Squid?

Killer Laundry

Leaf Anatomy


Living Dead?

Making Observations Lab

Marble Ramps Experiment Analysis

Marble Ramps Lab

Metabolism Crossword

Metric Measurement of Length

Metric Measurement of Mass

More About Your Senses

Movement of Energy

Necessities of Life

Parts of a Cell

Photosynthesis & Respiration Connection

Photosynthesis Diagram

Photosynthesis Part 1

Photosynthesis Part 2

Photosynthesis Phunnies


Predators and Prey

Prediction Practice

Root Anatomy


Scale Use Lab

Science Class Analysis

Science Policies Crossword

Scientific Methods

Scientist Senses & Tools

Seed & Fruit Dispersal Methods

Sensing the Environment

Shell Size Lab

Sorting Cells

States of Matter Graphs

Stem Anatomy



Technology in Science

Two Kinds of Cells

Undead Predictions

What Is a Plant?

Yeti Crab Lab

Yeti Crab Questions

Spring Semester 2018

Appliances in the Bath

Banana Peel Slip

Bedroom Diagram

Brainpop - Charles Darwin

Brainpop - Earth's Structure

Brainpop - Earthquakes

Brainpop - Erosion

Brainpop - Extinction

Brianpop - Fossils

Brainpop - Glaciers

Brainpop - Ocean Floor

Brainpop - Plate Tectonics

Brainpop - Rock Cycle

Brainpop - Seed Plants

Brainpop - Seedless Plants

Brainpop - Tsunami

Brainpop - Types of Rocks

Brainpop - Volcanoes

Brainpop - Weathering

Changes During Precambrian Time

Changes During the Cenozoic Era

Changes During the Mesozoic Era

Changes During the Paleozoic Era

Classifying Organisms

Classifying Plants

Condensed History

Continental Drift

Convection Currents

Convergent Boundaries - Continent to Continent

Convergent Boundaries - Continent to Ocean

Convergent Boundaries - Ocean to Ocean

Domains and Kingdoms

Extinct Organisms and Branching Diagrams

Finding Dino Bones (page 1 of 2)

Finding Dino Bones (page 2 of 2)

Friction Basics

Friction Lab

From Death to Discovery

Geologic Time Scale

Gymnosperms and Angiosperms

History of Geology

Insect Observations

Invertebrate Characteristics

Invertebrate Life Functions Puzzle


Keys to the Kingdom

Killer Quake Observations

Levels of Classification

Life Throughout Time

Looking at Fossils

Milking Spiders

Pangaea Flip Book (see Mr.C for flip book pages)

Pangaea Puzzle (see Mr. C for pieces)

Penny Drop

Pie Slice of the Earth

Plant Characteristics Organizer

Plant Group Organizer

Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics Review

Plotting Earthquakes

Plotting Volcanoes

Rock Cycle

San Andreas Fault Analysis

Sea Otter Importance

Seed Plants

Seedless Plants

Seedless Plants and the Environment

Seedless Plants Organizer

Sorting It All Out

Superposition & Disturbed Rock Layers

Titanoboa Evidence

Vertebrate Characteristics


Vertebrates Puzzle

Fall Semester 2017

Algae Cells


Anaconda Field Notes

Ancient Death Ray

Atom Recipes

Blood Cells

Brainpop - Food Chains

Cheek Cells

Citizenship Rubric

Classroom Matrix

Cleaner Shrimp & Their Customers

Cork Cells

Crocodile Zig Zag

Day & Night in a Coral Reef

Fever Pitch

Food Web Relationships

Hamburger Origins

Labeling Drawings

Lake Erie Seaweed Cleanup

Leaf Cells

Micro-Algae Man


Nerve Cells

Onion-Skin Cells

Particles in Matter

Size Relationships in Biology

Snakes Are Biotic

States of Matter Lab

Surprise Toothbrush

Talking to Plants

What is living in Lego Lake?

Spring Semester 2017

Abalone Farming

Bone Structure


Divergent Boundaries - Continent from Continent

Divergent Boundaries - Ocean from Ocean

The Hipbone's Connected to the ...

Kelp Bed Ecosystem

Muscle Types in the Body

No Pain, No Gain

Skeletal System Crossword

Snowplow Split

That Gunk on Your Car

That Gunk on Your Car (reading)

Tissue Types

Transform Boundaries

When Feces Hit the Fan

Fall Semester 2016

Atoms & Molecules Movie Notes

Drawing Dust


Mystery Cells

Photosynthesis Phacts

Ping Pong Salvage

Spirit Lake Recovery

Starfish Disease Impacts

States of Matter Examples

Tide Pool Survival

Waterslide Wipeout

Absolute Dating

Adaptation Analyses

Adaptation Examples

African Violets

The Algae Invasion

Ancestors and Whales

Animal Reproduction Puzzle

Archaeopteryx Lab (see Mr.C for skeleton pieces)

Archaeopteryx Reconstruction (part of Archaeopteryx Lab)

Arthropod Taxonomy

Asexual Reproduction Benchmark Review

Asexual Reproduction Concept Map

Asexual Reproduction Practice Questions

Back to the Seas Video Notes

Bamboo Survival

Bamboo Torture

Big Nose Punnett Square

Biological Organization

Blind Lobster Experiment Design

Blood Components Analogies

Blood Pressure & Types

Blood Vessels, Circulation, & Problems

Body Organization & Structure Practice Questions

Body Organization Puzzle

Bone Cells

Bone Functions

Botany Practice Questions

Bottle Bash

Brain Parts

Brainpop - Blood

Brainpop - Blood Pressure

Brainpop - Broken Bones

Brainpop - Cancer

Brainpop - Cell Structures

Brainpop - Circulatory System

Brainpop - Classification

Brainpop - DNA

Brainpop - Gender Determination

Brainpop - Genetic Mutations

Brainpop - Growth

Brainpop - Heart

Brainpop - Heredity

Brainpop - Joints

Brainpop - Mitosis

Brainpop - Muscles

Brainpop - Natural Selection

Brainpop - Nervous System

Brainpop - Puberty

Brainpop - Skeleton

Building a Eukaryotic Cell

The Buzz About Caffeine

Cell Cycle Analysis

Cell Cycle Practice Questions

Cell Functions Benchmark Review

Cell Functions Concept Map

Cell Functions Practice Questions

Cell Structures Benchmark Review

Cell Structures Practice Questions

Cell Wall and Cell Membrane

Cells Review Puzzle

Cells Review Venn Diagrams

The Central Nervous System

Cephalopod Dissection

Changes During Mitosis

Changes in Genes

Changes in Populations

Characteristics of Life Benchmark Review

Characteristics of Life Diagrams

Characteristics of Life Practice Test

Charles Darwin

Chin Shape Punnett Square

Circulatory & Respiratory Systems Movie Notes

Citizenship Rubric

Classification Benchmark Review

Classification Practice Questions

Classroom Matrix


Communication and Control Questions

Comparing Mitosis & Meiosis

Comparing Organisms

Comparing Types of Reproduction

Comparison of Reproduction Types

Components of Blood

Control of the Cell Cycle

Counting Flowers

Counting Peas

Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection

Darwin's Thinking

Day in the Life of a Paleontologist

Defining Adaptations

Deposition of Layers (see Mr.C for block paper)

Differences Between Organisms

Dine-in, Take-out, or Delivery?

Dinos in the Air? Movie Notes (part of Archaeopteryx Lab)

Division of Labor Lab

DNA Benchmark Review

DNA Structure Practice Questions

DNA: The Double Helix

Early Human Development

Earth History Review Puzzle

Earth's Past Benchmark Review

Earthquake Model Development

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Electromagnetic Spectrum Puzzle

Evidence of Changes over Time

Evolution Benchmark Review

Evolution Concept Map

Evolution Movie Notes

Evolution Practice Questions

Evolution Review Puzzle

Evolution Review Wordsearch

Exercise and Injury


Eye Parts

Eyes on the Depths

Fall Semester Reflection

Faulting and Igneous Activity (see Mr.C for block paper)

Female Reproductive Parts

Fertilization, Multiple Births, & Problems

Fertilization Sequence

Forming a New Species

Fossil Formation

From Birth to Death

From Cells to Organisms

Fur Phenotypes

Galapagos Movie Notes

Gas Flow in Blood

Genes & Heredity Movie Notes

Genes & Traits Benchmark Review

Genes & Traits Crossword

Genes & Traits Practice Questions

Genetics Concept Map

Genetics Review Puzzle

Genotypes and Phenotypes

Geology Practice Questions

Growth and Development

Healing Honey

Heart Analogies

Hidden Muscle Message

History of Life on Earth Benchmark Review

History of Life on Earth Practice Questions

Homeostasis, Cells, and Tissues

Horse Evolution

Human Reproduction Concept Map

Hunger Games Genetics

Infrared, Visible Light, & Ultraviolet

Insect Classification

Interactions of Light with Matter

Investigation & Experimentation Benchmark Review

Involuntary Muscle Cells

Joint Functions Story


Killer Ceiling Fan

Kinds of Muscle and Movement

Lenses and Optical Instruments

Levels of Organization Puzzle

Levers in the Human Body

Life of a Prokaryotic Cell

Light Concept Map

Light Review Questions

Male & Female Reproductive Systems

Male or Female?

Male Reproductive Parts

Matching Bases


Meiosis and Mendel

Mendel & His Peas

Mendel's First Experiments

Mendel's Peas

Mendel's Second Experiments

Minion DNA

Minion Genetics

Minion Mitosis

Minion Punnett Square

Minion Reproduction


Mitosis Benchmark Review

Mitosis Crossword

Mitosis in Animal Cells

Monocots and Eudicots

More About Traits & Genetic Variation

More Punnett Square Practice

Muscle Map

My Adaptations

Natural Selection Diagrams

Natural Selection Storyboards

Nervous Chatter

Neuron Types

Octopus Pregnancy

Organ System Scramble

Organ Systems

Organ Systems Organized

Organelle Analogies

Organelle Functions

Organelles Part 1

Organelles Part 2

Pangaea Puzzle

Peas Puzzle

The Peripheral Nervous System

Plant and Animal Cell Venn Diagram

Plant Input and Output

Plant Part Function Crossword

Plant Reproduction Puzzle

Prehistoric Natural Selection Example

Private Eye Exam

Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes

Punnett Square Percentages

Punnett Square Practice

Punnett Squares and Probability

Rabbit Punnett Squares

Rebuilding Buster

A Recipe for Happiness

Refraction and Media

Relative and Absolute Dating (see Mr.C for block paper)

Reproduction & Development Review Questions

Reproduction of Flowering Plants

Respiration and the Respiratory System

Rock Identification Lab (see Mr.C for box of rocks)

Rock Layer Puzzles

Rock Layers Concept Map

Rocks Movie Notes

Scientific Method Review Comic

Scientific Methods Concept Map

The Secret Lives of Grizzlies

Seed Plant Structures

Seeds of the Future

Sensing the Environment

Skeletal and Muscular Systems Movie Notes

Skeletal Joints

Skeleton Venn Diagrams (part of Archaeopteryx Lab)

Smelly Feet Punnett Square

Sorting Out Levers

Speciation Storyboards

States of Matter Foldable

States of Matter Foldable Instructions

Stinky Car

Studying Earth's History Puzzle

Sunflowers and Fish

Sweeeet! The Skinny on Sugar Substitutes

Tar Pits Storyboards

Tectonics Concept Map

Things Living Things Need Organizer

Things Living Things Need Organizer Instructions

Tissue Organizer

Types of Cells Venn Diagram

Unicellular and Multicellular Organisms

Unraveling DNA

Voluntary Muscle Cells

What Does DNA Look Like?

What is an Animal?

You're a Parent!

Your Cardiovascular System


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